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Thread: Diamond Stone Set Initial Run Signup

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    ... So, you guys asked to know when i do things like this, and now you know. Testing begins tomorrow
    Looking forward to seeing what you've got going on this time!
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    all right… Everything is here. We've notified all the people who signed up for the initial run, and should be getting them in the mail shortly. Hopefully, we'll get some really good feedback from the series, and we can go from there whether or not we decide to carry them regularly or do more runs of them like this. I hope you guys enjoy them.

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    Got mine this evening.

    I used them to freshen up a Carter wharncliffe and I think they are a winner.

    Both stones cut fast and leave a nice edge.

    They are very hard but do have some feedback, not like sharpening on Shaptons.

    I'll probably have a full review with pictures this weekend when I can put them through the paces with a few kitchen knives worthy of a 6k edge.


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    I got my set Monday, and have used it to sharpen several knives, including a Carter KU, a couple of 52100's , a Tanaka R2 and a shirogami Tojiro. The stones worked extremely well, and the edges were as Jon has noted - with just enough "tooth" from the 6000 stone.

    I have DMT's in 1200 and 8000, and compared to these stones, the DMT's have almost zero feedback and feel.

    Only one drawback, and that's for those who like playing in mud - there is no mud, only swarf.

    Thanks for putting the set together, Jon. I like mine a lot, so far.

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    Any more feedback? I was ready to buy these on the strength of Jon's recommendation. Jon are these going to be a stocked item?

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    The feedback i've gotten from people has been mostly positive... the 1k is not fast enough to thin with, but aside from that, people seem to be happy with them. I had numerous requests for these individually, but i'm not sure what kind of price point i can do those at. I am strongly considering it, but in the meantime, these can be special ordered through us any time. I need at least 5 sets to make an order, so there may be lag time if not enough people get together. I'd also be happy to do another run if there are enough interested parties.

    For those who used them, feel free to chime in with your opinions, or if youre ok with it, i can copy and paste from e-mails

    *these stones arent well suited to beginner sharpeners, so please keep that in mind

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    Personally, I really enjoy mine. I really like the feed back of the knives. The 1000 is extremely fast at thinning but it will easily get the job done if needed. I think the 1000k does raise a burr quickly. I just sharpened 14 knives yesterday with these 2 and really enjoyed it. I didn't use any other stones, set the initial bevel with the 1k and finished them all with the 6k. Personally, I love that they are true splash and go. Zero soaking required. They hold water very well and just need a tiny splash here and there. If I have any serious chips or serious repairs do it, I will use my Gesshin 400. But other then that, I think they are plenty of stone. So far I really enjoy the final edge that it leaves on a knife. It seemed to sharpen all of the knives very well, I will let you know what I think of the edges it leaves on some of the knives. But I was using carpenter steel, blue, white, 52100, w2, and a few others. I felt that the knife worked very well for all of these steels. All in all, I am extremely happy and have sold a bunch of my other stones because of these. I will be selling almost all of my other stones because of these 2... I like them a lot.


    edit: to clarify, all the knives sharpened were double bevel knives. I have not tested them out yet on single bevel knives.

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    Well Would be #1 of five interested in getting a group order.

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