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    OK guys.. Im looking at options for the pig roast part of the hammer in. I have never done a pig and was wanting some input.

    I can
    A. get the pig and roaster and roast that pig! buy the stuff tins, and charcoal and whatever else would be needed to not only cook it, but serve and stare left overs.

    B. they will roast the pig for me and deliver it all cut and in serving pans. I just choose pig size and anything I would like the pig stuffed with. etc. and they do that roasting and bring the feast to me!!!

    C. they will roast the pig per my requests. Then deliver the whole pig as well as if I want, they will cut it up and leave with the bones!

    Im leaning toward roasting it here. But hate to take away from the limited time I have to spend doing stuff at the hammer in. Im already spread real thin on these days..

    Considering having the pig stuffed with Sausage upon a friends recommendation. Any input here? I was thinking Pig stuffed with PIG wrapped in BACON has got to be good! or would chickens inside that are stuffed with sausage seem like a acceptable second choice? Please tell me your ideas and share your experience

    Cheflarge has offered to help, basically roast the pig for me. But I hate to take him away from all the fun by putting him to work. I know that I would have him and the roasting on my mind. Just doesn't seem fair to me. Although I do know that EVERYONE will be talking to the chef if he is roasting a pig so he wont miss meeting anyone!! (Just thinking out loud here.)

    Looking forward to some input from my friends.

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    I wish I lived close enough to help. Stuffing a pig can be awesome, but it also takes a bit of experience, as you have to bone it whole from the cavity, fold the boned legs back in,, stuff it, then sew it back up. This is much easier to do with sucklings but you could need two pigs. For one big pig I would break the ribs at the sternum with a cleaver, allowing you to "crucify" it with wire on a piece of cheap Home Depot grill metal, then sandwich another sheet of grill metal on top and tie down with more wire. This renders the whole surface of the pig even. Then cook over a slow fire till the pig is internal 260 degrees, rest 45 minutes, and devour. Mayonnaise, onion, and soft rolls recommended.

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    Heck yea. Thanks for the info. Wish you were closer and could come and show me! lol

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    I would say if you are going to have it cooked and delivered, then have it delivered whole. That way there is more cutting involved. Hands on for folks that do not know how to carve a pig. Just a thought.

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    Im leaning toward having it delivered whole.! Now to decide what to stuff it with?!?!

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    HHH hammer in.

    So, who are we going to see at Randys? It is a great time, lots of food and general jackassery. we might even make something lol.

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    I suppose i should add that it is the 5th and 7th of Oct at Randys shop in Marlette Mi

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    I'm really hoping to get down there for at least a day. Although, in a recent turn of events, it turns out my passport has expired. Is there an easy way around this (legal, by the way)?

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    if you go to the Canadian passport office you can get it made in 10 days

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    I currently have an 85% chance of going. Hopefully I can make it and learn something about knife making as I definitely need some help! Can't wait to meet a bunch of you as well.

    Randy you should make a list of things that you need people to bring, ie: chairs, beer, beer and possibly some beer.
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