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Thread: Japanese Style Oyster Knives- Videos on usage

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    actually, when not stabbing them or causing damage, you dont loose liquid in any significant way from this to be honest... its only the damaged oysters that loose a lot of tasty liquid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chefdog View Post
    Did anyone else cry a little bit when he ran that beautiful oyster under the faucet???

    I will definitely try this method though, thanks for the videos Jon.
    As long as you don't pop the belly, which seems to be the main advantage to this technique, it's not a major issue, and you get to remove any minuscule bits of shell that may have gotten into the oyster.

    By the way Jon, do you plan to offer these Japanese style oyster knife in a stainless variety? I'd like to purchase an oyster knife in the Japanese style, but I can't justify the care for a carbon oyster knife since I don't see any reason for sharpening in frequently. I like my oyster knives to be a little sharp, but not sharp enough that I risk slicing myself.

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    maybe... havent really considered it before as even though these are carbon, they arent particularly reactive not do they have a lot of exposed rustable metal

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