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Thread: A Day of Remembrance

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    A Day of Remembrance

    Some of you might recall that I used to work for the Port Authority and that I was at the World Trade Center 12 years ago today. I used up a lot of my luck that day and walked away without a scratch. But I came close to not making it and was one of many where life or death was decided by a matter of minutes. In my case, ten minutes later and I would have been trapped in an elevator facing a terrifying death.

    I lost a lot of friends and coworkers that day and attended more funerals in the following weeks than I ever thought I would. I also worked harder than I ever had in the aftermath in an effort to get the ports of NY and NJ open again (which, by the way, we did in three days). My life was and will never be the same. I left the Port Authority three years later and started on a new journey that lead to Dream Burls.

    Take a minute today and remember not only the thousands of innocent victims who lost theirs lives that day, but also the brave and selfless souls who perished trying to saves those lives. And be oh so very thankful to be alive. I know I am.

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    Sad memory. I remember being inside the North Anna Nuclear facility 50 miles from DC when it happened. I could not begin to imagine actually being there. Glad you made it out. Hats off and prayers go out to all involved and their families.

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    I'm sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and anyone who lost their loved ones and homes. I hope that for all of the sadness people experienced, they also found great happiness.

    Today, I took the subway as I usually do to get to Korin on Chambers street, which is only 5 or so blocks away from WTC. The trains were packed more than usual and apparently it took Vincent 2 hours to get to the city from New Jersey. And like they have been for the past several years, there is a memorial down at the WTC calling out the names of all those lost that day for the friends and families.

    I talked about where I was when the WTC went down already last year, so I won't discuss it again... But I forgot to mention something last time... Because people were not allowed in the downtown Tribecca for almost a year, all of the stores in that area also had to stay closed. Thankfully, because the government knew Korin was doing fairly well and my mother was an Asian immigrant and a woman business owner, we got some funding to help the company. It was enough for Korin to reopen, but unfortunately not all businesses got help and many had to close shop. Long story short, she decided to give up her Japanese citizenship to become a US citizen that year.

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    I'm sorry to hear what you went through, but I'm grateful you made it through it. So many others didn't.

    Never Forget.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    I'm sorry to hear what you went through, but I'm grateful you made it through it. So many others didn't.

    Never Forget.

    Of all of the historical events that have happened in my life, this is one of two that I can remember precisely where I was, and precisely what I was doing when it happened. From all the way across the country in was a surreal experience. For those of you who were there...I know that it was all too real an experience.

    As Austin so simply put it.

    Never Forget.

    I try to be the man I times of broken lives. Shattered dreams and plans..standing up to fight. Pressures and demands..staring at the knife. Holding in your hands..

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