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Thread: Mari in Istanbul (not Constantinople)

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    Cool Pics! Thanks, Mari. Malta was the same way...cats everywhere. And their national dish is usagi, so...? I'm gonna have to consider Turkey for my next vacation.

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    Great pics Mari, just a little disappointed we didn't get to see you in any of them!

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    Nice pics.

    I lived in Istanbul (Asian side) for a year, and that brought back some nice memories.

    Turkey is a great country for travel--tons of history, great food, good prices, many beautiful natural areas.

    I remember some of the ice cream vendors using the long metal "spoon" to get the ice cream in the cone. Since the ice cream is a bit sticky than what we're used to, they like to stick the cone on, and then extend that long spoon to the customer. When you reached for it, they would twirl it around and out of reach. It was fun watching them do this to my visitors!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 77kath View Post
    I love Turkey! Great shots, too. If you really want a coffee pot, I have a small and a slightly larger one I will be glad to send you. Pm me an address. Kathleen
    Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for the offer, but I am okay.

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    Even old New York was once New Amsterdam!
    Why they changed it I can't say.....
    ....people just like it better that way!
    I can always count of you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mucho Bocho View Post
    Great mari. Phenomenal shots. You must have some formal training. The shots of the food make me feel like I can almost taste it.
    Thank you! No no, it’s all of the cameras doing. I'm still trying to figure out how to use my camera.

    Quote Originally Posted by cclin View Post
    Mari, thanks for sharing the photos!! did you try sticky Turkish Ice-cream(Dondurma) yet??
    No, but I was looking for it! I had dondurma in Japan at this food theme park, but I wanted the real thing. I had ice cream that I didn’t take a picture of at Mado and I thought it would be dondurma, but it wasn’t. I was a little sad, but the tour guide insisted Mado was more authentic.

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    If you have a date in Constantinople, she'll be waiting in Istanbul!

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    Great pictures Mari, I have wanted to go for a few years now, this just makes it harder to resist. I love the cat pictures, and of course the food pictures, as somebody said, you got a great feel for the place with your photos, thanks!

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    Thanks for the great post Mari , I just realised it has been a while since I have been to Istanbul. Last year we were thinking about opening a restaurant there but changed our minds at the last second . I do miss good Turkish food , since most dishes are labour intensive I am too lazy to cook it at home . Every week on my off days I prepare myself Turkish breakfast with my bread , tea, olives , tomatoes and cheese that is one thing I can not give up.
    Here is a picture of my last Turkish meal ,
    Name:  lahmacun.jpg
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    Lahmacun (altough pure origins of this dish goes back to Middle East) it is a good one , I don't know if you had it during your stay there. I remember going to ice cream shop as a little kid with my parents , this thread just brought back memories
    If anybody is interested in Turkish cuisine I would be more than happy to help

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    Great photos Mari.My wife and i spent some time travelling around Turkey many years ago.We ended up staying in Cappadoccia for a month or two .If you get the chance go and see this area -it is pretty amazing.

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    Great thread!

    Thank you for sharing, Mari.

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