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Thread: FS: Aisu from JNS

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    FS: Aisu from JNS

    For sale Aizu that I got a long time ago from Maxim, when he found a small batch of them from Japan.
    The stone finishes in the 2k level, it cuts fast, and leaved consistent finish. I have cit a grid on the back side that I use to lap other naturals and synthetics. The grid helps with reducing sticktion between the stones.
    The stone has seen use, but is not really showing , as those are very hard for the grit level.
    The dimensions are 207x76x61mm - that is one huge stone, it will last several generations. The sides are sealed although there are no cracks in the stone.

    The stone can be used on its own as a prep stone for kasumi finish to jump to green Aoto or Hakka. The stone will remove smaller chips fast, and can be used as a stand alone touch up stone.

    Here a small video of me using the Aizu:

    And a few pictures:

    PRICE= $500 shipped in US with insurance and tracking.

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    'Aizu' - really interesting stone. Wish I could afford it.

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    One and only price drop -$400

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