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Thread: So a perverbial quickie!

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    Does it require a different heat treatment to be able to bend like that compared to a standard gyuto, for example?

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    Not so much as different HT, the flex is in the grind. The Gyuto has essentially the same HT, there is just more metal to bend, which makes it stiffer. This same fillet knife pre grinding, is quite a lot harder to bend. So the complication of doing fillet knives, and having a customer ask for a knife with "you know just enough flex to do salmon but still flexy so I can do trout" Becomes a head scratcher. Think of your favorite laser... the one that falls through an onion, but struggles and steers in rutabaga, because the front third of the knife is too flexy? All in the grind. You can manipulate flex to a point in the blade by removing steel, distal taper, blade height etc. There isn't much wiggle room when your starting stock is 1/16"! You can blow the goal flex in the hand sanding. Removing just that last little bit, and its now a soft flex.

    You can see my thumb's nail bed in the image turning white, I am applying a fair amount of pressure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PierreRodrigue View Post
    Here you go. Crappy cell phone pics, but you get the idea.

    I truly, honestly, have never seen that with my own eyes. Is there something wrong with your cell phone lens? Ground wrong maybe?

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    Pierre's filets are seriously awesome. I have a sexy cpm 154 koa one that is a mean mamma jamma, not as much flex as that one though I don't think. If anybody is debating a filet, this is the knife to get.

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    Living near the Gulf of Mexico I fish a lot and that knife looks amazing. I will have to get on the list in the near future for one of these.
    Beautiful work.

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    Thanks for the pic--that is cool!

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    (That's my knife)

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    Beautiful knife Pierre.
    Congratulations Craig.
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    I just got this in the mail today. She's a beauty. Very flexible, gorgeous handle, good fit&finish all round. Nice work Pierre!

    You might not want to go quite so far on the bend test in the future though. The knife wasn't perfectly straight all the way to the tip.

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    Guys, just to be clear, the bend in the tip is very minor. Bending it the other way a couple of times almost completely removed it. Not really enough to call it a flaw at all, I shouldn't have even mentioned it.

    The handle especially is a thing of beauty. Most times I look at the pictures of handles and when I get the knife the handle looks the same, but a little muted. Not the case with this one. And the flex in the blade is amazing. I need to go catch some fish. Maybe I'll skin a tomato or something just for laughs.

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