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Thread: Baking Steel for Pizza

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mucho Bocho View Post
    Its flat, flat, flat. I'm going to take some pics tonight. this post need more pics.
    More pics can never hurt

    To those knowledgeable: is A36 structured steel the best option, or is there any point in using something else like say pure iron as used in the Debuyer mineral pans? Or anything else for that matter?

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    Pics as promised

    Name:  oven steel photo_2.jpg
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    I have other files but the uploader sucks. Does anybody else have problems uploading files? Sometime it works sometime it doesn't. I had a pic of the steel in the oven but it wont upload.
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    Just priced a carbon steel 1/2", 18" diameter from my local metal supply shop-$48
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Pescador View Post
    Just priced a carbon steel 1/2", 18" diameter from my local metal supply shop-$48
    is that dressed, or just raw slab? if it's dressed, i think i'll find a local metal supply shop in Cincinnati.

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    I spoke to Aldo at NJ Steel Baron. He has 1018 in 1/4 with 15.75" width. I will call him on Monday for the price. 1018 has better surface finish than A36 steel and he said he would finish the steel to 320 grit I think.

    A36, followed by 1018 are the least expensive options. Everything up from there will be more money without much advantage.


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    Thanks for getting us this info!

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    I thought this is kind of cool...

    Could use the griddle for in the oven then take it out to the grill when needed. I'm going to measure my Kamado and order one of these kits... this will kill two birds with one stone for me.

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    Just reviving this old corpse because I finally got around to getting a local estimate for a baking steel 16x16x3/8: $220 - everything is a little more expensive in Hawaii. Seeing that I get a 15x15x1 on Amazon for $100ish shipped they told me to buy it there...


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