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Thread: Do you like pickled radishes?

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    Insta pickled radishes: slice radishes paper thin. Sprinkle with maldon salt and seasoned rice vinegar. I eat them straight out of the bowl I pickled them in right away. Goes great with a good raw tuna and soy sauce. Cheers!

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    I open mine all the time and keep eating them until they are ready.

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    Pickled radishes when opened smell like human fesces. Take major precautions.

    As of them tasting good, they are intensely delicious.

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    I love pickled radishes. Radishes and asparagus pickled are two of my favorites. I've used this F&W quick pickle (overnight) with radishes before. It gives a nice curried ginger flavor. I can't remember, but I think I blanch them for a minute or so if I use whole radishes, but not if I slice them.

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    yes, but they smell quite farty

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