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Thread: Fish n Poi - The Original Rehandle King

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    Fish n Poi - The Original Rehandle King

    Fish (Greg Crowton) was one of the first kick off members over @ ITK/KF. He became the first moderator there. He is most well known for all the innovative rehandle work he did in only a couple of years time. Seems like he re-handled just about everything that was known to us back then.

    Unfortunately Fish has passed away but his work still remains. If you've got a re-handled Fish knife or know of pictures of Fish's work please post it here. Let's build a gallery for him. :smile1:


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    This might have been #2.

    I remember really digging the coffin styled handle.

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    Only one Fishy knife, a gigantic 240mm Masahiro carbon santuko. Got it from a KF member some years ago. I really cherish it and ain't never gonna sell it.

    For some stupid resason, imageshack won't let me upload.
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    I'm looking forward to this gallery! I believe he left before my time, so you guys will be more than reminiscing--I'm seeing this stuff for the first time! Like showing the real Star Wars to kids who've only seen the new ones.

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    Here are the two I have left: One Hiro AS 240 with koa, red palm and a copper spacer, and one Takeda 210 with koa, red palm spacer and mango ferrule.

    Old pics, I'll take new ones soon (after I cleaned the rust from the Takeda - well, not bad, actually).


    P.S. Dave D., to the right of the pic you should have a button for embedding pictures, just cut and paste the link in thee 'forum' category.

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    Here's the knives gifted to me by the KF forum members. Fish did rehandles on the Suien cleaver & Watanabe gytuo.

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