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Thread: My first two Wa handles!!

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    Looks killer! Have you slotted and mounted them yet? That was my epic failure....
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    No not yet, I was at work most of the day and all night. I won't be able to mount them till sunday as I have to go to my grandpa's to use his drill press. I would rather use a drill press then just using a drill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CanadianMan View Post
    Thanks CrisAnderson27!!! I will deffiently be taking your advice on he next handle. actually have you ever worked with mammoth tooth? I was thinking of using some in my next handle ( I have a piece or green mammoth tooth) but I dn't know what I should cut it with or how it is when sanding

    I used a belt/disc sander, a bandsaw, and hand sand paper, I went up to 1500 grit

    For my method I just cut the pieces I wanted, glued them together, squared everything off. then I just started to shape it
    I've never worked with mammoth tooth lol. But Randy Haas might have some advice for you...or Mike Davis.

    On the might want to reinforce the glue joints. I insert a slotted 1/2" dowel through the center of mine, which also helps with burning in the tang (you're mostly just burning out the glue). The dowel and the tang work together to support the glue joint(s).

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    Nice! Great stuff Trev, Sean told me what you were up to and I had to check to see if you posted any pictures, sure enough I missed this post. They look great, just get some taper in there and they will look really great, glad you are keeping busy besides cooking all day and night

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    I love the buckeye/bog oak combo. Two of my favorite woods.
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    Not bad. Make them chamfers a bit wider, the handle will be more comfortable to hold.


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    Pretty buckeye

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    Love the buckeye beautiful my fav wood

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