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Thread: Mac Damascus chef's knife question

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    Mac Damascus chef's knife question

    I'm new to the forum, so please be patient if my questions have been answered before . Tried searching, but found nothing, so I'll try to pop a question.

    I am fairly new to really interesting myself with kitchen knives - the ones I have, have sort of just ended on my wall (magnetic list) through bargains and more or less chance.
    They are nice knives though - some Macs (chef line) and Victorinoxes (wood & plastic handles).

    However, I'm interested in experiencing the difference between these and a really top notch chef's knife.

    Been looking around, and see that many people have good things to say about the Mac professional line, and being happy with the Macs I have, I am tempted.

    However, I just stumbled upon a Damascus 8" chef's knife at about half regular price, which amounts to about the same (or less) as similar sizes in the professional range.

    I have not found much information about the Damascus on the net. Anyone have experience with it? Would it be a better knife than the professional?

    In the price range I'm looking at (about USD130), there are probably also other knives that could compete with the Mac (Damascus or Pro) in both performance and finish. Any particular knives you think I should consider when deliberating my upgrade?

    Of myself and knife use: hobby cook, lots of vegetables. Horrible technique. Regular wooden cutting board (fairly soft, bought at IKEA...). Try to take care of knives by frequent honing (ceramic hone). Beginning to learn freehand sharpening on a set of Norton whetstones (220/1000/4000/8000) that I have for my razors , but have also just ordered a Chef's Choice 1520 to aid me in the work of sharpening (when I fail, when I don't have time etc).

    Kitchen equipment stores in the vicinity basically have a stock of Victorinox knives, and that's it, so regrettably "going out to try it for myself" won't do. I'll have to go the online route.

    Thanks for reading, and for any answers


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    The Mac Pro was my first decent knife after Wusthofs and Forschners and I still love it.

    It's not a typical J-knife profile, it's basically a European style, vaguely German symmetric profile, but the quality is better as is the steel. It takes a great edge and holds it pretty well.

    The dammy seems to just be a Mac Pro in a tux, i.e. the steel and handle (which is excellent) seems the same as the pro line and so the dammy is just for looks and you will probably scratch over time:- )

    If they have more of them at a bargain and cheaper than the pro line, shoot me a PM with the address, I'd probably buy one out of nostalgia...

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    Thanks for your reply, Gic!
    Prolly I'll pull the trigger on this one. Should be able to sell it with little loss if it doesn't click with me.

    Regarding stock, I think they'd have more available, but as I'm in Norway, currency conversion and shipping would render it more expensive for you to order from Norway than Amazon. I just checked: sale price would be about identical, and then shipping would make Norway the more expensive option.

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    The handle and fit and finish is also first rate on the pro line and I suspect even better on the dammy line..

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