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Thread: Zwilling --which line?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lrbaldwin View Post
    Thanks, I'll recommend Cronidur. Anybody know what the edge angle is? I see the Miyabi line is such a small angle he wouldn't be able to sharpen it himself. I like both my Messermeister Meridiean Elite and the Henckels Cermax with 15 deg per side.

    Thanks so much!
    according Zwilling: Cronidur line Edge angle 12.5° on each side (10° on Santoku)

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    My guess would be 12/15 degrees per side. Did your cousin have a preference for profile e.g. German vs French?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timthebeaver View Post
    The profile on the Cronidur chefs is awful, what were they thinking with the 6" "Prep knife"?. The carver and the parer look okay. Ymmv.

    The Miyabi Birchwood has been roundly praised on here, supposed to be reasonably tough/chip resistant for the hardness/steel. Very good fit and finish too, but expensive. The Miyabi 600S has been touted as a high value (and somewhat tougher) option. You can read a comprehensive review by a very highly regarded member (Gator) here:
    The cousin, like so many folks, has way too many knives, and they're all cheap. I just sharpened some for him, and it seems such a waste because they won't hold their edge for long. I agree that the parer might be his best choice. I've never had much use for carving knives. We're country ham folks, and a good salmon/country ham knife does the job on turkeys and chickens too.

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