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Thread: Gesshin Uraku 240 white #2 gyuto

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    Gesshin Uraku 240 white #2 gyuto

    Just pondering this, can anyone enlighten me? No pic on Jon's site, nor dimensions. How is the kuroichi finish, geometry, type of ferrule, etc.........


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    i dont think these have been see by many on here... just those who have stopped by the store in the last week. I'd love to get pictures and measurements of a bunch of things done, but i've got other stuff to handle right now. Sorry. I'll work on this soon.

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    Looks good, do you have saya's for them?

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    Damn, those look good.

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    i'm not sure i have sayas that fit right now... we are ordering some more sayas, and i will test again soon.

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    Ae theSayas made specifically for the knife?

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    Jon, what are the knives under the glass directly bellow the Urakus?
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