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Thread: KKF Passaround(s)

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    KKF Passaround(s)

    Ok guys...!

    I just finished my first 50mm heel gyuto (210mm)...and while I'm getting ready to start a second gyuto (240mm/50mm), I also want to start a passaround knife specific to you guys here. I'll be making them congruently, and hopefully will finish them together. I'm also considering sending around the gyuto-hiki (grey burl handle in my finished knives thread) as a comparison. Son reviewed the gyuto-hiki here with a different handle, but I'd like some more feedback on the knife...and really would like to have it compared with my more typical gyuto profile.

    So, to start this thread (since the knife isn't ready), what kind of knife would you guys prefer for the passaround? 240mm? 50mm heel? I prefer something of a laserish cutter (2.5mm over the heel, 2mm midblade, strong taper to the tip, less than 1mm 1cm from the edge), but am finding I also like a slight weight behind the cut as well. What do you guys prefer? As an example, the 210 gyuto I made is about 185g, with the balance just about over the heel. The handle is 5.5" long.

    I know you can't make a knife to please everyone, but I'm hoping by sending out two in one passaround I'll come close to giving everyone something they're interested in to try out. Please feel free to give your input on what you'd like to see, which I'll take into consideration before making it.

    I'm looking forward to all of your replies...thanks!

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    Thanks Cris, I'd love to take part, my personal preference is a heavier blade, but I've used lasers and think it may be time to try another provided that food release is good (usually my complaint with lasers). 240/50 or up would be my ideal length/height.

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    240-250, on the beefier side.
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    Another vote for 240/50.
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    I'd say 240/50 too, since it's the most common standard to compare to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brainsausage View Post
    240-250, on the beefier side.

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    I think you should do what you feel comfortable with doing. but for my comfort I wouldn't mind seeing something in the 270 line. But you will find more people will like 240-255, just because it's comfortable with those sizes.
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    Yup, I'm with the 240+/50 crowd, and I'm a laser man (being a lefty and all)...and would love to be in on it.
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    up for whatever, I prefer the 260-270 size with good release or a 210 suji.

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    I would say something that you feel the most comfortable making as it will also set a standard for your style and quality of craftsmanship. I have a 270 and 240 so either or would work if I were to get the opportunity. Show off your work and if it comes to it down the road work in customs for other peoples preferences.
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