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Thread: My next knife?

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    My next knife?

    So, what should my next knife be? I currently own:

    6" Wusthof Grand prix II chefs knife
    240mm stainless Fujiwara Gyuto
    4" Forschner Paring knife
    Forschner Bread knife

    Pretty basic stuff, Im not a pro chef or anything, just like cooking at home and enjoy using decent stuff.
    I pretty much cook everyday, and eat all natural foods, so I cook a lot of veggies, fruits and meat.

    Thanks for any advice you can give a newbie to the knife world.

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    A suji if you want/need to slice. Or perhaps a petty in the 150mm range. Both of those would fill some gaps.

    But I think an upgrade to maybe a ~$200 gyuto might get you a knife you really love. (Though you didn't mention a budget, or what you think is missing from your current set.)

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    how are you sharpening? if not then I would suggest next purchase to be stones

    if all set there then I would maybe suggest a cleaver or nakiri first and then start buying more gyutos
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    ditto on stones, i'm still trying to find the perfect ones for myself. once you get sharpening down, you can make any knife perform the way you like.

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    I have a king whetstone (400/1000) on the way. I just purchased a glestain 140mm petty. Thinking I may pick up a cleaver or Nakiri too. Does anyone have any recommendations on those?

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    get a suehiro rika as a finishing grit on your japanese knives =D

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    What's your budget?
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    270 Suji for a slicer. Kikuichi EC or Masahiro if you like carbon. Can't help with stainless Suji...

    Nakiri, that money for stones. And the Suehiro Rika is a great one.

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    You do not yet have a nakiri, so you are really missing out on a lot of fun. Also, if you get one, it will be a great stepping stone towards a j cleaver such as a most beloved Takeda Large. Yes, slowly but surely you must come to the dark side....
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    I suppose I would like to keep it around $200 or less. I could go more if the extra $ is needed to gain a feature I would appreciate or use.

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