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Thread: Takeda Sasanoha?

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    Takeda Sasanoha?

    Hey Guys, There are some Takeda's on sale at Arizona Custom Knives being described as Sasanoha. Do you have any idea what kind of knife this is and its purpose.

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    That site got some really "interesting" knives for sale

    I think this says it all:


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    They look to be similar to the special batch he made for CKTG that had a shorter blade height.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oivind_dahle View Post
    That site got some really "interesting" knives for sale

    I think this says it all:

    I was going to nominate that for the ugly knife thread! The hole spacing isn't even even!
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    found out that sasanoha means "bamboo leaf"...i don't know... kinda looks like it,right? what do you think?

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    Are these knives fairly heavy in the front? I have a coworker that would love a knife JUST like that, but he wants it heavy. Where can I find this knife? I didn't see it on ACK.

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    Ah I see. Sheesh 3.6 ounces, it's like a pocket knife.

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    Yanagi is willow leaf knife. So i am not surprised to see a bamboo leaf knife

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    ...and the Suisin Momiji is Maple Leaf...right?

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