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Thread: Any fisherman in the house?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mucho Bocho View Post
    I hate fishing...

    Some people are just SO irritating. Actually I am jealous: few things are more fun than catching/breaking down/cooking/eating your own fish. Fresh, salt, whatever. Every year at least catch some lake trout in Lake George

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    K, thanks for shairing. Nice looking Dolphin, Wahoo and Albacore and Stripper. Is that an amber jack? Dirty fish, when you filet them, worms just pour out of the meat. too bad cause they're actually pretty tasty when you get them small.
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    i love fishing..but not all fishing. my brother has a bassboat that i used to love. now i just like the relative simplicity of backpack fishing. i love loading up a pack, fighting the demons that try to make the load heavy. i always try to target sub 40lb packs for 2 weeks of fishing. for me there is nothing like casting to trout that are native and haven't seen many people. it is a rush. eating them is a bonus. helps keep the pack light if you can count on fresh fish as a food source. you get 30 miles in, and the trout get dumb. for sure they have never seen a chinese person before.

    admittedly, i cast lures. spinning rigs. the siren song of fly fishing is strong, but i am a gear junkie. i get crazy. fly fishing gear is unlimited. same reason i wont start golf.

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    Yeah, fishing with the old man is the kind of thing that doesn't leave ya. I tied flies for ever and We fly fished for trout and river bass on the east coast ever since I could remember. Ive pretty much worked my way from southern VA to northern NY through my childhood doing float trips during the summer and wading wet/dry when we weren't traveling. Lot of fond memories. Ive moved to Chicago since, but ive been nostalgic in the last couple of years. As ive gotten older the idea of a quite, relaxing time away from the kitchen seems more appealing and my old man still has all my fly rods, gears and reels packed away at his house. My girl and I talk about moving back to the east coast for the scenery/outdoors, rods and reels are waiting, just need the time and location.

    That's a lot of nice photo's you posted K-fed.

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    Rock hopping the surf at night in pursuit of striped bass =
    When my girlfriend first came over to my home and she saw my kitchen, gadgets and knives hanging on the wall she said "wow you really are serious about cooking." When she saw my man cave and fishing gear she was speechless, then she said "well, at least I won't be embarrassed if you ever see my shoe closet."

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    Thats a nice Bull Mahi Mahi the old guy's holding

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    This thread reminded me that I need to go fishing again before the end of the season and get more tackle.
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    I have a fishing gear fetish , rods, reels, lures its addictive. Ive been caught by more lures than Ive caught fish . Shimano is the only way to go for reels , g loomis for rods and rapala and yo zuri for lures

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    Did a little fishing on my lunch break off the seawall at the club with the new daiwa tatula rod n reel. Performs very nicely if I do say so myself.
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    I've been fishing since I was 3 years old. Mainly saltwater flats but also offshore and some fly fishing.

    I catch everything from mackerel and redfish to kingfish and cobia.

    I collect fishing gear as well, I remember before I had my daughter and less bills I had over 40 poles and 3 tackle boxes. Sadly that has been declined to 1 rod and a 1 box of jigs and hooks. Although I get by

    I'm rocking a zeebaas zx2-20 reel on an 8 year old shimmano rod.

    I miss having a boat but I still fish on piers and go wadding in my spare time.

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