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Thread: Any fisherman in the house?

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    Huey, we were just talking about that last night . the only problem is my Lil Girl (age 8) says she wants to keep it and cook it if it is going to "Bite" her arm . Yea I know I would not let her do it as they are very big and could or would pull her in the water . I have to agree with her If I am going to get bit I want to bite it back on the Plate


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    I am addicted to fishing, just ask my wife... my garage is filled with gear and tackle.

    I fish as much as I can, although not as much since my son was born.

    I love all types of fishing, I will fish freshwater for trout and largemouth bass and saltwater for lingcod, rockfish, salmon, and albacore tuna when they're in. I also do a lot of fishing from my kayak, glad to see some fellow kayak fishermen on here! If anyone is ever in the San Francisco Bay Area, let me know!

    Here are some pics:

    kayak rigged and ready

    biggest vermillion rockfish i've ever caught

    recent personal best lingcod, 13 lbs

    I was able to convince my wife to let me go on a long range tuna trip out of san diego for 7 days this past August, caught some really nice bluefin tuna, now we have some delicious sashimi to last us a while!

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