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Thread: Are kitchen knives getting more attention lately?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ar11 View Post
    I've not been into kitchen knives long, but it does seem like there's some interest building here. I've wondered if its the result of social media where people are sharing pics of stuff they own and getting others interested. I know the tactical folder community has gotten a lot of momentum thru instagram, youtube, etc.

    As someone that has had interest in tactical folders for a long time, I'll say the kitchen knife community is only a fraction of what tac folder community. KKF is pretty much the best place I've found for kitchen cutlery, but it's a fraction of bladeforums and USN.

    I'd really like to see kitchen knife interest take off, but here's the main barrier - the most confusing thing about Kitchen knives is lack of manufacturer knowledge. When I asked for knife recomendations people were throwing out different Japanese brands and I had no idea who they were. There is limited information on the web because most of it is in Japanese. Took me like 2 months of reading KKF to feel like I knew anything (and I'm still learning).

    Folding knives most people know Spyderco, Benchmade, Kershaw, Buck, ZT, Emerson, etc. Kitchen knives most people know Henckels, Wustoff, and maybe Shun (none of which are recommended here usually). There needs to be a sticky that rates brands by relative tier. Like in folding knives you could easily say Kershaw (budget), ZT (midgrade), Chris Reeve (premium). Somebody needs to tell the noobies Tojiro (budget), Takeda (midgrade), Shigefusa (premium). This cloud of confusion is what allows brands like Richmond to be successful because all the uninformed consumers know are buzzwords like M390, Aogami Super, High Rc!
    This is a great post!...and overall very accurate regarding the Japanese knife market.

    I think the only problem with it might be that the Japanese kitchen knife (meaning Asian knives actually FROM Japan or other Asian countries), in terms of overall quality/ very fluid and can't really be quantified by maker. I mean sure...Shigefusa's are a shoe in for top tier knives, but I've heard more great things about Takeda than most other knives combined. Plus there's SO many makers lol...and to the uneducated Westerner, the names are all very very similar. I think it takes months on here just to begin to be able to differentiate them period!...much less sort them by tier, you know?

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    First of all... Cool thread!

    To answer your question, yes.

    Very good reasons, I specially like the analysis you guys made on the Change or roles at home and gender advocacy.

    Talking on the kitchen knife front (not tactical)... Factors:

    - Supestar status and influece of media from channels such as food network, celebrity chefs, etc. Is this going to last? Probably some of this demand it is here to stay, I cant say how much.
    - Foodie movement as stated previously on this thread.
    - Demand driven up by offerings by boutique stores such as Williams Sonoma, SLT, etc. some of it driven by hype and other driven by real hardcore specialists (probably not necessarily our place to shop but thats a completely different thread altogether!).

    These specialists (KKF) are the ones that take the time to learn and spend the 2 months learning about nuances and tech specs, chefs that will spend upward of 2 to 5 bills on a knife.

    That said, I believe there is a trend or fad/phenomenon driving up part of the demand, I think its similar to what happens to when people start to build up for a hobby, some stay, some don't (To a degree we all have more than we need, I know I have!). At some point, nobody wants to be the chef/home cook that doesn't at least know what a laser is or has handled a high end tool. There is nothing wrong with this. Its just whats driving up demand, thats all.

    If there isn't an at par increase in supply, well, that drives up prices... That and the fact that we all want a custom Gyuto from a recognized maker. Guity as charged

    Im not even going to address questions like: are knives improving? Do we know more than we used to? Are we better off? Do we have enough domestic makers? Etc.
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    I think Sur la Table has had a pretty big influence. That's how I ended up here. Bought a sweet Shun, came home and was proud of it, googled it, and boom, whole new world.

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    "Foodies" don't care about Knives, they care about cronuts

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    Quote Originally Posted by easy13 View Post
    "Foodies" don't care about Knives, they care about cronuts
    Give me all of your ******* cronuts or I'll cut off your face with my ZKramer, braise it in my La Creuset with Cristal, white truffles, Lucky Peach #1 shavings, Rachel Ray tears, home made bitters, and beard trimmings. Then I'll serve it to a food network exec, and tell them that Mario Batali hated it. CRooooNUTTTSSS!!!
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    I'm not sure of the complete answer, but I do know that Bob Kramer's marketing genius helped bring the option of hand-made knives to more people than anyone I know of. Daniel from Epic Edge was the one that really persuaded me to start making kitchen knives and I'm pretty sure he did the same for Burke. The combination of those two factors (and Carter gets a +1 here too) really showed other knife-makers that there is something happening here and more importantly, it showed everyone else that they don't have to settle for Chinese-made, stamped $3 knives in their expensive kitchens anymore.

    (And sorry about the prices - supply and demand.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by brainsausage View Post
    Give me all of your ******* cronuts or I'll cut off your face with my ZKramer, braise it in my La Creuset with Cristal, white truffles, Lucky Peach #1 shavings, Rachel Ray tears, home made bitters, and beard trimmings. Then I'll serve it to a food network exec, and tell them that Mario Batali hated it. CRooooNUTTTSSS!!!
    "With great knives comes great responsibility."

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    I Love it!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrisAnderson27 View Post
    As a single guy who's'd be shocked to the core at how true this statement really is! With the majority of the women I've dated in the last few years...if I'd have married them without knowing how to cook, I'd have starved to death lol.
    I definitely know more men who cook then women. I think thats why cooks and chefs are becoming really popular to date... I know Eater has a "Hottest Chef" competition too. But I'm pretty sure that cooks don't always cook at home and if they do I imagine that it would be simple comfort food.

    I mean, just because I work at Korin doesn't mean I love eating out and I only eat at NY's finest.

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