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Thread: FS. Sakai Yusuke 270mm Gyuto

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    FS. Sakai Yusuke 270mm Gyuto

    I have to let this go. Asking $220 shipped (con US). OBO. I got this a few weeks ago from Keichii from Bluewayjapan (impulse buy). Its Swedish stainless @ 61 HRC.

    Full disclosure:

    # of sharpenings 5, the last sharpenining was after thinning the knife. I did a very assymetric edge (80/20) righty.
    I've been polishing the knife to get a mirror finish (was a brush finish before, satin'ish), but from the pics you can still see some of the grind marks.
    I haven't measured it yet, so I'll do that and update you on edge length and height at the heel.

    Here's some pics:


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    Just did! Many apologies!

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    Thank god that sold, I was getting ready to jump on it!
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    Pete clear your inbox!
    My bad, inbox clear

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