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Thread: Watches for people who destroy watches.

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    Thanks for all the recommendations everyone! If I manage to destroy this one I'm going to try a Traser next though I also liked the Orient. NoChop, I really would've preferred to get the mudman series but all the ones I saw were strictly digital. So far I like this one, but again my test is how durable it is.


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    i can attest to gshock watch toughness. you can throw that up higher than a phone post at least 50 times and it will not crack or break. i've done it. i've also tried whacking the face of the watch on cement walls and other things while it was on my wrist, these things are tough. but then those were gshocks of old (i'm not sure how the new stuff compares to the old school stuff), and back when i was a kid that didn't know any better. i broke it probably after probably whacking the watch on a wall like 300 times. (yes i was being stupid!)

    the gshock i had (two of the same thing) was the old school squarish design that had no moving parts, forgot what model they were. i liked it to so much i bought a second one.


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    I own this watch and haven't destroyed it yet. We've been through some knarly sh!t together.

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    I don't think you will be disappointed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Pescador View Post
    I own this watch and haven't destroyed it yet. We've been through some knarly sh!t together.

    Looks like you haven't tested any knives for 'shaving' sharpness recently

    Good ideas in this thread, I may want to go back wearing a watch also, have to look what is out there.


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