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Thread: If I ignore you, will you go away?

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    Quote Originally Posted by knyfeknerd View Post
    if you lived in Carolina and had to hear "Carolina on my mind" at EVERY FREAKING WEDDING you ever worked EVER!
    -you'd probably hate (the original) J.T. as well.
    It's okay, dif strokes 4 difrent fokes
    Dude I hear ya, I used to bounce at a redneck bar in VA during the early '90s. I still can't hear Shania Twain without screaming
    Rule #1- Don't sweat the small s%&t, rule #2- It's ALL small s%&t

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    Testing, testing, this thing on?
    I haven't used it yet.
    This place provides a lot of entertainment and sometimes an sometimes stupid is even more awe inspiring than smart.
    "I gotta tell ya, this is pretty terrific. Ha hahaha, YEAH!" - Moe (w/ 2 knives).

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    Lucetia, I hear ya. Lately some people have just been stirring the poop and not really trying to add anything other than to ask ignorant questions or talk out their butt. Mike Lee usually call them out. LOL I don't have anybody on a block list, YET
    One thing you can give and still your word.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    i just ignore people the old fashioned way
    Marry them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mzer View Post
    Marry them?
    That's what you do to get them to ignore you.
    "Those who say it can't be done are always pasted by those doing it"

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    After reading Lucritia's posts for a while, I have formulated an opinion of her. If she deems someone deserves ignoring , it good enough for me... As long as I'm not on the list.

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    I've been a part of this community for something approaching five years. While a lot of the people have come and gone, most of the things that are said stay pretty constant. Not too many things ellicit a response from me strong enough to drive me to figure out how to ignore someone. Actually, I kinda miss getting riled up. I think it's happened once in the last six months. Maybe I have a short memory...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mzer View Post
    Marry them?
    ha, ha, ha! good one!

    Eat to live? -> live to eat... but as long as we are at it... eat very, very well!

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    Call it practice for real life!
    Eat to live? -> live to eat... but as long as we are at it... eat very, very well!

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    I think it sucks that we have people posting in such a way that it would cause another member to use the ignore feature on them.

    What issues are causing this?

    BTW, I'm moved this thread to the support forum so we can have a discussion and hopefully get this moving in the right direction.

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