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Thread: If I ignore you, will you go away?

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    For me , there are some people who quickly get nasty and personal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toddnmd View Post
    For me , there are some people who quickly get nasty and personal.
    I've noticed this ocassionally, personal attacks or comments that seem out of character compared to the normal tone taken in most posts here, but which aren't commented upon or deleted. It's a bit like road rage on a forum. 'Forum rage' maybe?

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    Im sorry Lucretia...I guess you cant see this post anyways
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    Amazingly enough, I can see all of your replies! Even you, ER!

    Don't need to raise this to a support level, Dave.

    People are going to argue about things, get angry about subjects they have strong feelings about, and generally poke and tweak. Sometimes they go overboard, and that's going to happen. Then there are people who seem to want to start arguments in a misguided attempt to clever.

    Can't decide if they're more like bratty children who pick fights, then when someone pokes them in the nose they go crying to Mama, or small yappy dogs trying to pee all over everyone to mark their territory.

    Either way, I'm in a W.C. Fields state of mind.
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    I didn't even know you could ignore people on here. I might do it the opposite way and start adding guys like Rick(s), Jon, Tinh, Jacob, Johnny, etc, etc to my list so I can't read anything of relevance. Maybe then I'll be able to accomplish something on my days off.....

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    If someone is breaking the rules by being crass or abrasive please let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    If someone is breaking the rules by being crass or abrasive please let me know.

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    It's funny. I have been involved in many different internet special interest forums for years now (2003ish). I started hanging out on several knife oriented forums within the last couple of years and it's only been on these knife forums (not this one in particular) I have even considered using the ignore feature. I have even ignored a couple of people on another board. Amazing!

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