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Thread: One Favorite Knife

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    One Favorite Knife

    Many of us here have substantial collections of knives. If you had to pick the one knife that made you the happiest, what would it be? If this thread gets any traction, I'll reveal mine later.
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    Kasumi Shigefusa gyuto--cuts like a dream
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    I have some very nice Gyutos, but if I had to pick one knife that is my favourite to use its my 210mm Shigefusa Kitaeji Deba, I love that knife and I love filleting fish, I only get to use it a couple of times a week, but its always fun!

    And I hope yours is your Kramer, cause that is a sweet knife!
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    Rader damascus Gyuto!

    Just feels right.. Superb balance, the right thickness, right geometry... Food doesn't stick and its easy on the eyes to boot!

    May I?

    I have a 270 damasteel suji from Pierre that I reach for very often when i need to cut proteins.... Thought Id throw that in there!
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    Asai AS damascus nakiri. Slices onions like they were made of smoke. Despite a great amount of effort on my part, this is still by far the best cutter in my drawer.

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    Takeda Nakiri. Dude, that Nasai is sexy man.
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    Gesshin Ginga, white #2, 210mm petty. Just a great all around production knife.

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    270 Kono Fujiyama gyuto.

    Despite my dislike for the soft iron cladding, every time I use the knife, I am pleased as a peach.

    It has the perfect balance of convexity and thin edge.
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    For sentiment, performance, or just plain old, "I naturally grab this knife"?

    Assuming they're all seperate categories, mine would likely be: Carter Suji; Rodrigue Pettysuki; Tsourkan Gyuto or Shige Santoku OR Harner Mini Gyuto.

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    Watanabe white Yanagi. Every time I use it it puts a smile on my face. I especially love when, after a few drinks I'm capable of making slices so thin with it that I can't even see them.

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