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Thread: Your Competition giving you bad reviews

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    That negative review is really annoying.

    In general, I am a fan of reviews on various things. If things are overwhelmingly positive, I will look through the negative ones to see if they have substance, are well-written and explained, etc. Often I dismiss them (quite a few) and think, "That person is an idiot." There are numerous people who have unreasonable expectations or can't follow directions.

    Again, I'm sure I wouldn't like to be in the OP's position, but I hope you also have some faith in people's ability to look at the overall impression.

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    People, you got to love them, because if you shot them you go to jail.
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    You have to take the good with the bad and let the food stand for itself. I mean obviously read into the bad ones in case it may be partly true to always improve but things like that come with the business. Im glad you got it taken care of though!

    we get tons of stuff from "foodies" that have absolutely no idea what their talking about, however they feel qualified to comment on how the food wasnt prepared properly or etc

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