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Thread: What makes a good boning/fillet knife?

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    I'd have to agree with that from my experience.
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    Another thing I would watch out for in a flexible knife is the flex that enters the handle. I had a coworker that was using a konosuke 210mm petty like you would a filet knife, and the tang was flexing all the way into the handle and caused it to crack. I know I am coming late to this conversation, but I hope that helped.
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    Yah, and it was a dope Mike Henry mammoth tooth!

    Now I use a vintage 9" carbon Ontario filet that I rehandled, and I save the Kono petty for other tasks.
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    They are two different things to me. The knife I feel comfortable using as both is a 210 gyuto.

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    A Western boning knife has a guard so you don't accidentally slide your hand on the edge while deboning. Just my to cents. Good luck with creating. Curious what it will become ?

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