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Thread: Doc Price Forgin Pictures

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    Doc Price Forgin Pictures

    Well I had an absolutely fantastic weekend at Doc Prices in Plymouth. Joined by many friends and made some new friends. A huge thanks to Grace for bringing us all together, Doc for being brave enough to host us bonkers lot and Hank, Ed and Matt for traveling all the way over to pass on knowledge and bringing all the powder goodies. Will be making a return visit for sure around Blade time next year Much much fun, so thought I would share some pictures.
    Talks and Demo on some advanced Mosaic techniques and Powder steel work.

    Time to have a play, everyone got the chance to make up a powder billet, or get on with their own projects. There was so much going on in the workshop it was quite boggling to take it all in at times.

    Docs workshop is littered with sculpture interest and history.
    Powder forges with a different feel to layers, more spongy must be carefully consolidated in the press before forging with any zealous.

    I had a quick play with some layers to start with.
    Doc and John,

    Grace has much patience, this will be in the middle of a can of steel I suspect with contrasting powders, the leaf is made up with pure nickel sheet.

    Ian and Tim, Tim has helped me no end with my ht oven and some clever gas burners.

    Me making a first weld on a powder billet.

    Hank had a different cool shirt every day.

    Docs shop in the heart of Plymouth club land. His tatoo shop is out front.

    Sculpture on Docs 3cwt Massey power hammer.

    My billet in assembly

    Doc and the lovely Jo Jo

    Doc Price, mega star.

    On day 3 we got a little piece of each of our billets. John forged them out a bit to fit in a 100mm can.

    Grace fills the billet of billets with powder.

    As the plymouth street fair is just getting started and most importantly the famous annual pole dancing demo just out front, time is of the essence. We have precious few minutes to forge the billet of billets. Me and John step up to the challenge.

    Welding the billet, with just minutes to spare.....

    Gotta love a 3cwt massey for forge power, 1 heat down from 100mm to a neat 49mm square. Hammer is king.

    And we made it for the show, will post updates on stuff I made as it evolves and gets used over the next few weeks.

    Motley Crew, some had vanished home exhausted after 3 full on days forging and evening antics, we had lost Ed temporarily , maybe he was having a lye down... I would certainly have been ruined by the last day if he had not introduced me to the wonder of Barrokka fizzy goodness.....but a group-ish shot

    Thanks All

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    Great Shots Will. Thanks for sharing your pictorial on Biliting with powered steels.

    One thing you can give and still your word.

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    x2. Looks like a great event. It's nice when people share knowledge like that and help bring along new(er) craftsmen.
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    Thanks for the pics, looks like a blast.

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    Looks like a great weekend

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    Nothing like a pole dancer to keep the children entertained.
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    Works for me too

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    That is so awesome!!!
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    Wow, looks like great fun. I have demoed with Doc, Ed, Hank, and Matt. Me and Ed were the first to pioneer powder metal damascus and the use of nickel sheet with it. The first time we tried it, the powder Ed bought was a barrel of reduced iron, the same stuff they put in corn flakes. I met Grace at her first blade show several years ago now. All of these guys and Grace have contributed much in the modern development of pattern welded steels.


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    Forging & pole dancing! So that's what Heaven is like. I no longer fear death!

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