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Thread: LF Tanto tip Suji recommendations

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    LF Tanto tip Suji recommendations

    Pretty straight forward request looking for recommendations on a western tanto tipped suji in the 210-240 range. Laser profile (home use), Carbon or SS (pref), and under $300

    So far I dig the Kikuichi sujis, but haven't heard too much about them on the forums.

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    I own a Kikuichi Carbon, and a stainless damascus gyuto. I am very happy with both of them. Pretty esay to sharpen and good edge retention. Don't know if this helps.

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    i have a kanemasa suji in a 270mm that is pretty great. Sharpens easily and is much cheaper priced than the kikuichi. I also found one on some or something close to that for under 100 bucks that had a kiri tip like that.
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    Suisin inox westerns have that tip and one of my line guys seems to like his enough.

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    i have one of these and want to get rid of it:

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    I let a member (snowbrother) borrow my Suisin HC suji when his kit was stolen. If he reads this, perhaps he'd share his opinions of the knife in a pro setting.

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