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Thread: Newbie saying hello, with Questions on Home butchering

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    Newbie saying hello, with Questions on Home butchering

    I'm new to the forum. I joined because my Big Brother says that this is a great community of very knowledgeable people, and is a great place to learn and to share. This sounds perfect to me, and I certainly have much to learn!

    We are preparing for the home butchering of a small cow, maybe 700 pounds, and I am researching to figure out what we will need and how much extra help we should round up. I have done a deer, (all by myself ), but never anything as big as a cow. Any advice would be most welcome!

    What knives and/or saws should we have on hand?
    Is this a job that two or three middle-aged people could do in a day if they were reasonably fit, or would we need to bring in a couple of strapping young lads? This is assuming that our task for day one is to get the beast gutted, skinned, quartered and hung for aging.
    What does one use for a gut bucket?
    Is it reasonable to think that we can move the beast with a tractor bucket (on a gambrel) and then hoist it up and hang it from a stout tree limb to work on it?
    How long would you age a six-year-old cow, and would you turn it all into hamburger?
    Is this too many questions?

    Thanks so much. I am looking forward to being part of this community!
    Baby Sister

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    Welcome to the Knut house! I have no answers for you butt you should fit in here quite well!

    Spike C
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    Welcome aboard Babysitter. Mooooo!
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    Welcome. No answers but holy cow those are some good questions!!

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    Hey, guys, this is my Baby Sister, who I encouraged to come here when she asked me questions that were beyond my experience. She has been running her own farm for some decades. She has the best eggs, honey, milk and cheese I have ever tasted, plus some spectacular horses. She also home schooled two kids who got full college scholarships at the age of 16, and are now brilliant artists. (The husband is a full partner in this, but is usually off in some remote corner working on nuclear power plants.)

    But I do go on. Anyway, I am sure the usual KKF welcome and expertise will be forthcoming.

    Welcome Baby Sister!
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    Hi & welcome!
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    Thank you for the welcome!!

    And thanks for the intro, Brother! ... although I'm afraid you do exaggerate, just a tad, except on one point: the horses really are spectacular!

    In honor of this upcoming project, we have now in the house (compliments of guess who?) a really beautiful King Deluxe Stone 1000, so the (steep!) learning curve on knife sharpening now begins in earnest. Rumor has it that working with a really sharp knife changes everything.

    As to gear, we will be investigating, among other things, skinning and boning knives...


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    Welcome to KKF. Good luck in your quest for knowledge and red meat.
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    I also have no answers for you either.

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