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Thread: Nakiri knife guard?

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    Nakiri knife guard?

    Aside from the homemade cardboard thing, anyone have a source for some generic nakiri knife guard / edge protectors? Thanks!

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    Sur la Table usually carries a bunch of guards. I'd guess one of them would fit a Nakiri or at least give the edge some protection.
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    Amazon has edge guards. I use the Messermeister ones.

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    Korin has my favorite edge protectors. Good looking, felt(?) lined, they have four sizes. Measure blade length. Order protector. 5 bucks. Don't get wet.
    Older and wider.

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    I like the victorinox magnetic ones, come in various lengths

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    Tom(Lefty) does custom sayas. I'm guessing that's what you're looking for?
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    I just cut down a magazine to fit, use a binder clip to secure it to the blade. Still pretty close to homemade cardboard thing, though.

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    Thanks guys. Custom saya would be great down the line, for now I'll check out the above.

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    Amazon also has some Dexter Russell, which are felt-lined as well.

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