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Thread: Curing Salmon - Anyone does it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by K-Fed View Post

    wow! thats the exact same set we have with our beet cured salmon, except we have house made everything bagels and scallion cream cheese too.

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    yeah, the cure for salmon also good for sea trout. I quite often do a brandade but with a herb salt with coley end pieces (cheap and sustainable, yeah!)

    one I did for Christmas last year was with molasses. Really worked. Just painted on before an 80/20 salt brown sugar cure

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    Quote Originally Posted by miketayl0r View Post
    I've done beet cured salmon. Slice red beets and dehydrate for 24hrs. Buzz into a powder form. cure is 100% weight of salmon, 3% salt, 1% sugar, 1/4c beet powder. vac in bags "cryo-cure" for 48 hrs. rinse and slice! The outside will be a bright purple while the inside of the salmon is orange. beautiful and very tasty
    This is dope.

    Do you (or anyone else who vac's their cured fish) seal it at 100%?

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    My go to is 2:1 salt to sugar in the raw with fennel pollen, coriander and dill. Cure for 48hr and cold smoke.
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    I use the basic salt/sugar cure but substitute shiso leaf for the dill. Much brighter flavor.

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