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Thread: what food generates more negative comment? in your opinion. mine? BEETS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boomchakabowwow View Post
    a few points:

    i love beets. i love roasting them, wilting down the beet greens and tossing it all together for a great veggie dish. i also love pickling them. i pickled a bunch last night. i had some red beet "dye" on my cap this morning, and a coworker asked what the red stuff was. i said, "probably beet juice".

    he acted like i swallowed a rodent placenta served over a cow chip. i asked him, "you hate beets?"

    he said, (i was surprised), "they are gross, but i admit, i have never tasted them"

    okay to my points.

    1. i consider it bad manners to act like someone's food is covered in demon love juice.
    2. at least taste the stuff before passing judgement.

    i am not a pro-chef. but i was raised to have an open mind when it comes to food. i'm chinese. american born, from immigrant parents. i have seen and tasted some serious "Fear Factor Food". my coworker (the same guy), spreads a vietnamese liver pate thing with some gray shrimp paste stuff as a sandwich spread. i'd give it a try. if he offered.

    i have tasted the shrimp paste stuff. i think it has pineapple in it. it taste soooo fishy. brutally fishy. and it is GRAY! i still dont freak out.

    2nd bad reaction from folks = brussel sprouts. hahahha.
    I will not eat beets. My reaction is strictly based on when I was about 9 or 10 years old, we had a bumper crop and at the time I loved them so much that I overdid it and got sick on them. I haven't been able to eat them since. I try them every couple of year and just about throw up every time.

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    Brussell Sprouts is the exact opposite and I have to say that Sebastian's (Salty's restaurant) were some of the best I have had.

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    hehe deepcsweede, out of all of the food I can't eat (pretzels, ketchup chips) was because of overeating when I was younger, I can't even look at them anymore. I love the fresh pretzels, but any bagged pretzels just thinking about eating one almost makes me feel sick. I love beets, brussel's are one of my favourite as well. I am with the hate on provolone though, I am not a fan, also goat's cheese, some of the firmer ones I have enjoyed, but generally not a big fan of 'sheepy' cheeses.

    I don't mind balup, I've had fish sperm, wasn't too bad, had a lot of interesting food like brains, no prairie oysters(bull's testicles) yet though, but I have never turned my nose up at anything(except when I was a kid ) Oh, I do not enjoy whole snail, had a really big whole one (not escargot, butter, garlic parsley) whole snail/head tail big brown thing. I almost threw it up before I got it down. Some things are good discoveries and some are bad, who knows really, one of the best things I had in the range of weird was sea anemone, I want some right now.

    So, I will say my favourite dish that gets bad press: Headcheese! mmmmm, might not get bad press around this forum though, I would hope we know better than that, right?

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    Anyone eaten eyeballs from cows, pigs or sheep? I'd try them but I have never eaten anywhere where the whole head was served.

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    Eggplant I'm done with. It cannot be made fit for consumption.
    The only time I've enjoyed eggplant was in Italy. Actually tasted good. All of the eggplant preps I have tried or done I haven't liked. Other people said they liked them but I think they were lying or wrong.

    Also, Doritos. Bad experience while stoned in high school. And I don't really like blueberries unless they are straight off the plant.
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    too many! I can think at least 10 I have tried:
    thousand years egg-Taiwan
    duck's Blood tofu-Taiwan
    Live Octopus-South Korea
    bitter melon(Balsampear)-Taiwan/Okinawa, Japan
    ants scrambled egg-Thailand
    fried bee-Thailand
    sneak meat/soup-HK/Taiwan
    stinky tofu-Taiwan
    horse meat-Kumamoto, Japan
    Pig's Blood Cake-Taiwan
    some very good, some I'm not enjoy too much
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    i could eat natto but stinky tofu? no way in hell.

    i can also think of a local food that could turn people's bowels inside out....

    balut / balot aka fertilized duck egg embryo


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    With regards to beets, I don't understand the hate especially since I grew up eating big delicious bowls of borscht soup or pickled beets from my Grandma's garden.

    I will gladly share my borscht recipe if anybodys wants it.

    Nowadays I also like small heirloom beets roasted with olive oil and Himalayan salt in foil. I chilled them, put through the mandoline and make a tasty salad with mixed greens, beets, herbed goat cheese, pickled onions, candied pecans and Dijon vinaigrette.

    I never used to like eggplant either, until I started using the Sicilian variety which are much milder and don't have the bitterness of regular eggplant.

    I think frozen okra is gross and I don't really like it in my gumbo either, I prefer to thicken with file powder. However, I make great okra "fries" by cutting the pods lengthwise into quarters, dipping in hot sauce & buttermilk bath, then breading with fine cornmeal & flour mix, deep fry and serve with sriracha mayo. It's insanely delicious.

    I am also a brussel sprout lover. They are excellent when roasted with olive oil. They are also brilliant with a mustard vinaigrette k or agrodolce style ( I add raisins, pickled onions and candied pecans to them) or with honey & sriracha sauce.

    Here is a great recipe for brussel sprouts kimchi from the current Bon Appetit magazine:

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    Quote Originally Posted by cnochef View Post
    I will gladly share my borscht recipe if anybodys wants it.
    Yes please!

    and yes, fried okra is really good, but I can't stand it otherwise

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    We eat boiled okra dipped in fermented shrimp/fish and lemon over white rice. I'm Filipino so I'm used to eating what many would consider weird or gross. The funny thing though is anything cooked rare like roast beef or raw like sashimi, most of my family and relatives would find them gross. And yet, they don't have any problems eating dinugaan which is basically a blood stew or fermented fish sauce which is basically rotten fish lol.

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