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Thread: Women, feet, and knives (aka stupid knife tricks)

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    I would try this but I like my toes connected to my feet!
    "Those who say it can't be done are always pasted by those doing it"

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    omg I just stumbled onto this post, I am still laughing out loud as I type this. I think it's funnier having read the post that prompted this post. Great work Lucretia this needs to go on the youtubeawesome sub forum, you should come teach knife skills at my restaurant, your foot holds a knife better than some of these kids!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkriggen View Post
    I thing you meant Out Standing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cord_steele View Post
    Feet of strength, I see.
    No, it's strength of feet!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucretia View Post
    No, it's strength of feet!
    I understand that baking soda sprinkled in the shoes will help with that.
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    Continuing on with the bad puns, there is 'The agony of de-feet'

    I'm a over-sized, under-educated, two onions a month, cutting fool.

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