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Thread: How do you cook beets?

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    How do you cook beets?

    With beets showing up on the most hated list, I was wondering--how do you get them to taste good?

    I had them once in a restaurant and they were wonderful (with carrots & leeks in a cream sauce) but any time I've tried to cook them at home they taste like dirt.
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    Make sure their fresh, roast them whole , unpeeled about an hour at 350, either wrapped in foil or rubbed with some olive oil. Peel'm when they've cooled little. The skin comes right off.

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    i wash them. put them in this cheap ceramic hot-pot thing my mom gave me. drizzle them with a tiny bit of olive oil to coat, sprinkle on some kosher salt, pot the lid on..and into the oven until a paring knife stabs in easy.

    then the world is your oyster. the skins rub off at this point. you can pickle them, slice them over a salad, just eat them as a veggie. whatever. pretty versatile. i have some pickled. now that the beets are eaten, i have stashed some hardboiled eggs into the vinegar for pickled eggs. the color of the eggs at this point are amazing.

    amazing how red beet water can make a kitchen look like a CSI crime scene.

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    Glove up when your handling the cooked ones or the kitchen won't be the only thing red.

    This recipe always works for me, serve as app or salad. I even get requests for it.
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    I like them with an orange and white balsamic vinaigrette, also a little ricotta never hurt, maybe some pistachios....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrmnms View Post
    Make sure their fresh, roast them whole , unpeeled about an hour at 350, either wrapped in foil or rubbed with some olive oil. Peel'm when they've cooled little. The skin comes right off.
    + 1. The roasting causes them to caramelize a bit. Nice and sweet.

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    Refrigerator pickled with hard boiled eggs

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    Can't understand an aversion to beets except that they're messy to work with. Go with the roasting method as a base and work out from there. Beets & goat cheese is a classis combo...from the hackneyed beet & goat cheese salad to a beet sorbet with chevre mousse. Beet puree makes a cool plate accent as does a broken beet vinaigrette.
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    Nothing beats beets. Love 'em and was continually offended by the anti-beet bias demonstrated in The Office US. Just not on.

    The colour is one of the good things about them.

    I roast them with the skin off, olive oil, salt, pepper, maybe a bit of chilli flakes too. Or, of course, add them to salads. Or I'll make a curry with cashews and coconut inspired by the beetroot curry in Sri Lanka, where by the way I remember half the kids would shout out that it was their fav vegetable!

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    The only time I've really cooked with them was simply dice into 1/2" cubes and saute with carrots, butter and thyme.
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