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Thread: I just received a package from Marko....

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    I just received a package from Marko....

    He sent me a 250mm Marukoyoshi (yoshikane) Gyuto with my very first and also stunning Marko handle. This nice is very thin at the edge and the spine and choil rounding is top notch thanks to Marko.

    Choil Shot

    Distal Taper

    I clearly need to work on my photography skills but I hope you enjoy regardless.

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    Nice! Congratulations on the new knife.

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    When will I learn to proofread my posts at least twice, I always miss something stupid.

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    s.p that's a sweet looking piece of cutlery.

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    Curse you and your faster replies to Marko's thread

    Congratulations on a great knife

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    Looks like a nice knife from the attached thumbnails, I can't get the larger Imageshack pictures to open, the load time is taking forever.

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    Wow! Hubba Hubba!

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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