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Thread: Thomas, Keller, Jim, & Martell - A KKF Collaboration

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    Quote Originally Posted by tripleq View Post
    Beauty Dave! Planning any others or was this a one time deal?

    Hi Norm,
    I'd do this again in a heartbeat but to find a customer who will do this is the issue.

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    Dave, Stefan,Devin Thank you all so much! I am really excited to get my third Martell for the trifecta!

    I am a little speachless so forgive me all.

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    This is spectacular! Well done all involved. A very handsome knife indeed
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    Very nice final product, I was wondering whatever happened to that handle. Thanks to all!


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    That's a stunner! Nicely done.

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    Spectacular! At least I can dream!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    I'm happy that the profile looks good to some of you, it's actually the same as my 240mm though, just stretched out a bit.

    Thanks for the kind words guys.
    I think your profile really suits the 270mm size. Looks good stretched out.
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    that profile really is pretty freaking sweet! many knives are too narrow, pointy or pork chops.

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    Great job Dave, Stephan, and Jim. I love how that turned out. It was a very enjoyable project for us as well.


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