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Thread: Sharpening a new knife...

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    Sharpening a new knife...

    Hey guys..
    About a month ago i'v bought the yaxell RAN 8" chef's knife.
    I am working at a restaurant so i do lots of prep work.
    Now my edge isnt sharp and i cant slice a tommato.
    My question is, is it possible that after a month of work they knfe will need sharpening all ready?
    i'v got a KING 1000\6000 stone btw.


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    if you do lots of prep, you'd need to sharpen weekly.

    the king will give it a good enough edge if done properly.


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    You will probably need a coarse stone later to thin your knife

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    Within the price range we're speaking about the factory edges are weak. See it as a service to Western customers. I've been told in Japan the knives are sold unsharpened as the customer or reseller is supposed to deal with.
    A factory edge is often done with a few strokes on a grinder followed by buffering to clean it up.
    First thing I do with a new knife is putting a decent edge on it.
    After a month of restaurant work expect some fatigued steel to be removed, especially if you would have used steeling as a form of maintenance. If that were indeed the case you will need to restore the original geometry. Thought about sending it to an experienced - stone - sharpener? In Europe, Maxime in Denmark and Schanz in Germany come to mind.

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