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Thread: New Product Survey - Leather Saya

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    Cool New Product Survey - Leather Saya

    The idea is not new - Devin has produced a few of these when he started his ITK line.

    The cost of it will be considerably less than of a wooden saya, as the production process is a bit simpler, plus, a knife will not be required for fitting (an outline will suffice).

    A leather saya could fit nicely in a line of leather products I am considering to produce, particularly leather knife rolls.

    Is there an interest?



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    I have a couple of leather sheaths/sayas that Pierre made, and they are a very good alternative to a wooden saya for transportation. Sounds like a good addition to your other offerings, Marko.
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    I've had some good ones and some crummy ones. Still prefer a wooden saya, but I haven't had any great leather ones. I know there are better ones out there, or better designs, I just haven't used one yet that I prefer to wood.
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    Wood sayas are labor intensive if you make the way I make them - you have to cut/resaw/flatten the wood, carve the cavity, glue it, shape it to the knife's profile and geometry (my sayas have distal tapers and are convex shaped), finish it to a high grit and coat with finishing oil, TruOil or lacquer. These are my personal preference, and there is no way to simplify the process by much. Also, each knife has to be fitted individually for an exact fit, so that adds to the total cost.

    A well designed leather saya with a tight fit and a lock system to keep a knife in place could be a good alternative to a wooden saya for folks who transport their knives occasionally.

    I will be aiming to produce them at about 30% less than the cost of a poplar saya (before shipping the knife in), and those for factory-made probably even cheaper as those could be made in batches.


    "If there’s something worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.” - An US saying.

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    if it gently protects the knife, I'd be interested in a few nice leather sayas.

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    I'm stubborn & old school! I'm still thinking wooden saya fit best with wa gyuto & Leather Sheath fit better with western chef knife! my I'm much prefer wooden saya/wa- handle!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrmnms View Post
    if it gently protects the knife, I'd be interested in a few nice leather sayas.

    If the price is right I would take about six of these off your hands right now.

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    I would be interested as well.
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    I certainly enjoy leather sayas. But, initially I was attracted to your woodworking handles and sayas. So, it was your amazing sayas that initially got me interested in your work, in all honesty any orders coming from you, I would imagine I would be pairing with a nice wooden saya.

    But, as I really like leather sheaths, I would have to see what you make before I have an opinion. I enjoy my leather sheaths, I would be curious to see how you make them, I kind of just threw mine together. They are saddle stitched and the funayuki has a welt, but the other two don't really need it. I made a sheath for a 210 gengetsu for a friend, first time we tried without a welt, it didn't go so well, cut the stitching right out, second shot went better, but the fit was a bit worse.

    Pierre makes a really nice sheath, I have one on a filet that fits really well. I think it depends on the knife. Here are some shots of the ones I made for my Carters if you don't mind me posting some shots on your forum. I would say they keep the knives safer than a saya, there is absolutely no movement. As long as you dry them really well before putting them away, I can see the moisture getting locked in there and giving carbons a tough time. Yours will look much nicer I'm assuming, I'm not much of a craftsmen.

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    It's not one or the other, it's Both!
    Wooden sayas are here to stay, but I recognize that for some folks they might be too expensive, so leather sayas is a less expensive alternative. There will be something for everybody.

    I don't make things that aesthetically are not pleasing and functionally not sound (well designed), regardless how practical purpose they serve, so am pretty sure that once you see it, you guys might like it. .


    PS: Adam, good timing. I am working on your wooden saya right now.

    "If there’s something worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.” - An US saying.

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