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Thread: brick oven questions

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    brick oven questions

    Colin's thread on his brick oven got me stoked, so I checked my local craigslist for firebricks, per Tom Gray. No way I'm gonna pay $600 for the pile of materials for an unconstructed pottery kiln, but what questions should I ask? Any thoughts re: reasonable price, potential for a wood fired oven, etc?

    Here's the link:

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    I didn't see Colin's thread, I am gonna have to check that out. Thanks for the heads up.

    It doesn't look like enough bricks to make much of an oven, assuming they are all pictured. You likely want about a gross.
    Plus that guy would be a fool to break up a customized buildable product for a portion of the price, rendering it nearly useless.

    Check out local price for new low-duty fire brick. My oven was built with full brick, but the sink time is too long, I would build it with split size bricks if I did it again. It woud have been cheaper and it would save a lot of wood (and time) trying to heat that sucker up.

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    141 $1.25 each here .. i called .. internet says lowes /homedepot occasionally have them @ .50

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowercasebill View Post $1.25 each here .. i called .. internet says lowes /homedepot occasionally have them @ .50
    I payed 1.30 for the ones I got, so that's a good price. Im going to be running mine 16 hrs a day 6 days a week so having the best isolation I could get I thought would be well worth it. With all the permits i needed i wanted to build one hat would last, look good, and hold its heat without burning a ton of wood. That sad I found in my research that some people build them with regular red brick, clay tiles, Portland cement and vermuculite.

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