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Thread: This is how you cut onions...

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    Hi reddit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by knyfeknerd View Post
    When I wear my contacts, it doesn't affect me at all.
    +1. Also helps with the occasional grease spit to the eyeball!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThEoRy View Post

    It's a chemical reaction. Just keep the onions cold prior to cutting and use a sharp knife. That's all.
    huh? it is a chem reaction. and it is happening in your eyes. i tried ski goggles once and it worked. felt like a dork.

    now i just get some kinda cross breeze going to minimize the drama.

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    I think it's stupid. Wrapping your face with plastic wrap? Stupid. The chemical reaction starts at the onions when the cells break and mix together, THEN they travel up to your eyes and create a sulfuric gas which your eyes try to flush away. Slow down the chemical reaction by storing your onions in the fridge and use a sharp knife so the cells don't get crushed and bruised together. Plastic wrap around the face, really?
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    I've made large quantities of Lomi Salmon for banquets many times.That's alot of onions.Sure peeling them & refrigerate helps.You don't dice 50# of tomato's & a half bag of onions with a dull knife.

    Used plastic wrap it may be stupid,but it works,Also used swim goggles for large amounts of onions that must make me a complete idiot.

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    this reminded of a guy I had in my kitchen , he was chopping onions and he was in tears .I have asked him stick his head to freezer room every now and then . A while later he disappeared , when I went to walk-in I saw him having his cutting board set on crates chopping onions in the walk-in!!

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    Durrrrrr...............Just close your eyes!

    Turning away also helps.

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    waw... Wrapping up your face is pretty crazy.
    I've found the following things to be true about onions and I promise I've cut ALOT. At one point 40kgs per week.

    Sharp knives with quite polished , clean edges = clean cuts = less gas release= less tears .
    Old onions are worse .
    Some people are more sensitive than others.

    More often than not its from poor cutting technique, trying to push cut...
    For onions I always have a very sharp knife with a decent amount of polish. I use a slicing action.
    I can cut buckets and buckets of onions , not one tear.

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    I worked with a guy who kept a stainless spoon in his mouth. Apparently it deflected the gases away from his eyes, and he would never tear up. One day the guys got him to cut without the spoon, and he teared up like Terrell Owens when talking about Tony Romo.

    Smaller, warm onions give me issues, so I started refrigerating them and it definitely helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knyfeknerd View Post
    When I wear my contacts, it doesn't affect me at all.
    Same. I never realized how much it burns to cut onions until I decided to cook with glasses for a change... Never again.

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