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Thread: Forged cleaver WIP, or How to abuse yourself for fun...

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    You guys are killing me!! Hahahaha awesome. Hope to have a little more today to show. Going to clay it and get it heat treated. Cross your fingers everyone...I think i will need it lol.

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    Ok...so it may or may not have a cool picture in the hamon....just sayin. It survived the quench, after 2 normalizing cycles, here it is

    will work on grinding it later, it is getting 6 hours of temper.

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    nice hamon !

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    I bet that looks cool as $hit once it's ground!
    "Those who say it can't be done are always pasted by those doing it"

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    So do the flowers mean it's a girly knife? You know, a knife for a girl?
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    It just may be a girly knife!!! so i did a quick amd dirty sand/etch to see (anticipation was killing me) and here she is!

    Gah...so hard to get a good hamon picture. Pretty happy that it is going where i want it. Thanks for looking

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    Pretty sure all the men here are willing to put on a pink skirt to use it.

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    here is a grknd shot. i still ha e a ton of handsanding to do, but this will give you an idea of the grind.

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    Wow, that's pretty. Glad I'm a girlie. I can covet it.

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