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Thread: recommendation: ~1000k natural stone

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    325 DMT > King 800 for flattening/thinning

    Aoto > Hakka > strop for sharpening the edge

    The goal is to replace the King with a natural and to use it for the same purpose.

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    I get a lot of questions about low grit Jnats not only from Knife users but also from Razor. Just to clear up some confusion
    If you want to take out small chips set whole new bevel i will say Jnats suck !!! Way to slow

    However if you want to maintain same edge or just use as a touch up they are actually bit better then synthetics for that as much less burr formation.

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    I use the DMT for heavy lifting....but need a step before the Aoto to clean up. Binsui?

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    I like my white binsui from JNS. It leaves a pretty nice and even finish. I use it with a botan nagura. By itself, the binsui is a little slow. As Maxim said, i wouldn't use the stone for chip repair or any heavy duty work -- just to get a nice even finish and remove the scratches from the previous stone.

    I had a cheapo red amakusa that was garbage. The surface had a lot of holes and I would get grit breaking off while sharpening. It also wasn't consistent across the whole surface. A brown/red area was noticeably harder than the rest of the stone. There are a lot of amakusas and binsuis around that aren't well suited to knives.

    I've never used a King 800, so I cant compare the binsui for that. Sorry!

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    I use the Gesshin 400 after the atoma 140 and before the king 800 on wide single bevel knives. Leaves a dark faux kasumi that I now take to the JKI synthetic aoto. Works great. Basically no visible scratch pattern.
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