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Thread: NYC Sharpening Class - Sign Up

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    I'm going to leave this open until next Thursday 10/17 and make the decision on whether or not we'll be holding the class then. That's really cutting it close though, if at all possible I'd prefer to wrap this up even earlier. If you plan to attend please confirm as soon as you can.


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    Dave, if I were anywhere within reasonable driving distance, I'd love to take this class. I have no doubt I'd take some very good stuff away from it. I really hope this class fills up. This is a very rare and unique opportunity to say the least.

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    C'mon guys, great opportunity here!

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    Noooo. I'm gonna be in and I'm trying to convince my sous chef too. Come on guys. This is big

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    One full day until Thursday's deadline, and incomprehensibly the media seems focused on whether the House of Representatives can get 217 sign-ups, but surely the real action is happening here. Only six more...

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