1st Whetstone Purchase - How *deep* in the stones do I go
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Thread: 1st Whetstone Purchase - How *deep* in the stones do I go

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    1st Whetstone Purchase - How *deep* in the stones do I go

    Looking at a trio ensemble whetstone purchase. This is completely ~foreign~ to me.

    Looking at 3 price ranges. Do I buy once, cry one and just get the Gesshin Trio.
    How subjective in ~feel~ does one get with each *price increment* in stone selection.

    The other 2 would be the Beston, Bester, Rika & or Chosera Trio from CKTG.

    From past threads, everyone seems to have their particular favorites - and I'm sure my question is subjective to the person using them.

    Would love to hear some feedback if you have any

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    Both are excellent choices, also Maxim from Japanese Natural Stones as another world class purveyer of Natural Stones if you go that route. Also, Dave Martell from Japanese Knife Sharpening can provide you with the non Gessshin stones. I can't comment on the Gesshin stones as I've never used them, but I've only read rave reviews and lots of them.

    Jon has the stones forumulated to his specifications and sky-high standards. I hope someday they will be in my line up. BTW, I have Dave Martell's Takenono finishing stone 8K and avsolutely love it. Great feedback but quick cutter for a fine stone. Wonderful price too.

    Others will have their preferences, that I'm sure work too. Good luck.
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    I got the Beston, Bester, Rika combo from Dave Martell to start out. As the bug sets in I will buy more stones, but if it does not for some reason then you are not out too much for trying and can always resell here on BST if need be. I think if you are going to try it out then jump in to a nice starter set and work your way up when/if you get more comfortable.
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    Also welcome to KKF lol.
    It only hurts til the pain goes away........

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    Welcome to the forum. Sounds like the Beston, Bester, Rika combo from Dave are right up your alley.

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    It does not matter what stones you will buy first, you will end up buying more. You will be in constant thrill to try more and different stones. At the end of the day if you do not try, how do you know what suits you best?
    I suggest you buy two stones or a single combo stone to start and see if you like the process. If you get hooked, keep acquiring

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    I bit the bullet.

    Not sure how many of ya'll are into auto detailing, but I can compare this to that in a very addicting spending hobby...

    West with the Beston, 1K, Rika Combo for now

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