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Thread: A cleaver q

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    A cleaver q

    Is there in existence a cleaver suitable for both fine veg prep and some light butchery (wing tips, ribs etc). I've heard some of the J and C cleavers have too fine an edge for bones, but similarly I can't imagine fine veg prep is fun with a Euro crusher. Not looking to spend mega bucks...

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    Yes, but it won't be exceptional at either job. I think most thinner cleavers will work with some geometry adjustment but it will be a compromise.

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    Just like a menu with 100 items, most won't be good, but if you cut it to 50, they will likely be twice as good

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    Most Chinese cleavers in use in Chinese restaurants probably see tons of whole chicken in the course or their service life. If you just make sure to go between the bones in the joint, not through then, I don't think that you'll have any problem.
    I'm guessing you've seen at least one of the dozen Martin Yan videos on subject:

    Most will go through rib bones no problem, but If you need to crack thicker bones, just use the spine instead of the edge.
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    That would be a pretty standard cleaver in China. The average home kitchen cleaver is expected to handle all the vegetables along with chopping chicken bones, small pork bones and large fish. I think CCK even catalogs their medium weight models as "home choppers." Chopping things like chicken into small pieces bones and all is a normal thing as they feel the bones add much of the flavor. Kind of like the fact that chicken breast meat is the cheapest cut because they consider it bland. Slicing cleavers are more of a Western thing.

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    I emailed the wokshop with a similar question, and got this response:

    Dear Mr. Lee: Sorry for the delay in answering your inquiry. Been on vacation and I am the only one that answers inquiries. Yes, an all purpose cleaver, No. 1 or 2 will cut up chicken bones, thighs, breast, etc. Also use on duck and fish and small ribs and even lamb chops. Thank you. Ms.Tane Chan THE WOK SHOP

    But I don't have this cleaver; already bought a dedicated one from another member on this forum solely for chopping cantonese bbq

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