Redwood Burl & Figured Redwood - New Stabilized Blocks
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Thread: Redwood Burl & Figured Redwood - New Stabilized Blocks

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    Redwood Burl & Figured Redwood - New Stabilized Blocks

    These were part of my latest shipment of blocks that came back from getting stabilized by K&G.
    There are a few different types of Redwood Burl and some really bold and unusual figured pieces.
    I just finished up getting these ones added to the web store.
    As usual my group photo didn't turn out very good. The individual photos in the store are much more accurate.

    If you would like a closer look these blocks are posted in the Brand New Pieces section of our web store.

    Everything in our webstore comes with a No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee.
    Free US Shipping - $20 Flat Rate International Shipping or Free International Shipping for Orders over $100.
    The store software will also apply volume discounts, 10% if your order is over $200, or 20% if your order is over $500.
    Mark Farley / It's a Burl
    Phone 541-592-5071, Email burlsource@gmail.com
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    I just cried a little...

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    I didn't think redwood could look that good

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    Some of the most interesting Redwood I've seen in your store so far. Thanks for sharing.

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    that one in the middle in the second row is a looker wow did not know redwood could look like that sheesh

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