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Thread: CCK 11XX versus 13XX series

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    CCK 11XX versus 13XX series

    Can anyone explain the difference between these two series? So far from what I can tell the 11XX series is a bit more expensive and I read somewhere that the 11XX series is made from a better carbon steel for example but that seems odd to me although I can believe they are better finished. The profiles look similar ...

    (I'm hoping to visit Hong Kong shortly and a visit to the the CCK shop is high on my list!)


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    I have an 11 series and I believe the only difference is size and finish. Here is where you can compare different models.
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    HOng Kong... stock up my friend and buy extras to spread the love.
    The 1102 is stout enough to handle abuse, the 13's seem like the same thickness, but don't take the same abuse in my experience. The 13's "feel" thinnner and I keep thinking it's going to bend. I dig the kurouchi type finish on the 13's, but the 11's get all the work in the kitchen.
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