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Thread: Anyone rehandle a Carter with Riveted Handle?

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    Anyone rehandle a Carter with Riveted Handle?

    I've got some Carters with the black riveted handles that have been on my list of knives to pretty up with a new handle.

    I seem to recall seeing some that Butch did for Stefan, but can't find the pics now. Has anyone else had theirs rehandled?

    The simple way would be to add a spacer the length of the handle similar to the way Carter does his newer Wa handles, but i'd prefer the look of keeping the handle from a single piece of wood.

    Pictures or ideally an old WIP thread would be great to see, before i take the plunge and do it myself or send to it someone......


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    No WIP, but here are pics of Butch's rehandle:

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    Dave M did this one for me on a two rivet handle.

    Before: Nice knife, but fugly handle.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Carter_Nakiri.png 
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ID:	19404

    Name:  Carter Nakiri.jpg
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    After: Nice Knfe

    Name:  Nakiri views.jpg
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Size:  31.2 KBName:  Nakiri view - after.jpg
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    There is something about the 2 rivet design - I think tang is short - that drives the hidden tang rehandle.
    Older and wider..

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