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Thread: FS: Watanabe Ryodeba

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    FS: Watanabe Ryodeba

    180mml Blue steel. 50/50 grind. Screaming sharp. Never used.

    $340 shipped.

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    beautiful, wish i broke down more fish and could justify the purchase

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramenlegend View Post
    beautiful, wish i broke down more fish and could justify the purchase
    I have this exact knife. The double bevel design makes it useful for much more than fish. I use mine for hard or semi-hard cheeses, breaking down chickens (no problem going through backbones) and butchery of all kinds. It doesn't steer like a single bevel design so it is great for hard winter vegetables too. This is a really versatile knife. I like it so much I also have a 150.

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    I would also consider including the lightly used, matching custom 150mm Garasuki for $550.

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    $315/$520(pair) shipped to US address.

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    $300/$500 shipped.

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    Any interest?

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    All trades considered up or down.

    Very interested in any Carter. Specifically 150ish petty or funayuki.

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    I've had a flurry of interested parties, but the knives are still available.

    One point of clarification. I will only entertain trades within the US. Shipping and duties make it cost prohibitive to trade overseas.

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